Khaolak Muay Thai Stadium Ticket

Beyond Boxing Stadium

Every Thursday and Sunday.
Show time  9.00-11.45 PM.


1,500 THB Free a drink
Stadium seat : 1,200 THB
Discount Code BEYOND

Location : Before Bang Niang Market

Khaolak Boxing Stadium

Every Tuesday and Friday
Show time  9.00-11.45 PM.


1,500 THB Free T-Shirt
Stadium seat : 1,200 THB Free a drink

Location : 500 Meters from Bang Niang Market

Book your tickets in advance to secure your spot for an unforgettable night at Khao Lak .

Unleash Your Muay Thai Spirit in Khao Lak: Two Stadiums, Double the Excitement!

Khao Lak offers not one, but two incredible Muay Thai boxing stadiums, each promising an unforgettable night of electrifying fights and cultural immersion. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose the perfect experience

Beyond Boxing Stadium

  • Modern Meets Tradition: Beyond Boxing Stadium prides itself on offering an authentic Muay Thai experience in a modern setting. Witness skilled fighters showcase their talent in a well-maintained stadium.
  • Family-Friendly: The atmosphere at Beyond Boxing Stadium caters to families with children. Enjoy the thrilling fights without feeling overwhelmed by the intensity.
  • Convenient Location: Located near Bang Niang Market, Beyond Boxing Stadium is easily accessible, allowing you to explore the local scene before or after the fights.

Khao Lak Boxing Stadium

  • Raw Energy: Khao Lak Boxing Stadium delivers a truly immersive experience. Feel the raw energy of the crowd as you witness intense Muay Thai battles unfold in the ring.
  • Hardcore Fight Fans: This stadium is a haven for hardcore Muay Thai enthusiasts. Expect experienced fighters delivering explosive performances.
  • Intimate Setting: Khao Lak Boxing Stadium offers a more intimate experience compared to larger stadiums, putting you closer to the action and the fighters.

No matter which stadium you choose, you’re guaranteed a night filled with adrenaline-pumping fights, cultural immersion, and the raw power of Muay Thai.
Ready to experience the thrill? Pre-book your tickets today and unleash your Muay Thai spirit in Khao Lak!


Don’t Get Knocked Out! Why Booking Muay Thai Tickets Online is Essential

The roar of the crowd, the lightning-fast kicks, the raw power of Muay Thai – it’s an experience unlike any other. But before you head to the stadium for a spontaneous fight night, consider this: booking your Muay Thai tickets online is a surefire way to avoid a knockout punch to your plans. Here’s why

Guaranteed Entry & Avoiding Disappointment

Imagine the scene: you’re hyped for an epic Muay Thai battle, only to find out the fight is sold out. Booking online secures your seat in advance, ensuring you witness the action live, not through a screen. Popular fight nights, especially during peak tourist seasons, disappear fast. Don’t risk missing out!

Score Knockout Deals & Save Money

Many stadiums offer sweet discounts for online bookings. These early bird specials or online packages can put some serious baht back in your pocket. Plus, some websites might even bundle your fight tickets with transportation or cultural experiences, making your trip even more budget-friendly.

Skip the Lines & Breeze Right In

Picture this: long queues, language barriers, and the fight already underway while you’re stuck waiting for tickets. Booking online eliminates this hassle. Pre-purchased tickets allow you to bypass the ticket booth and head straight for the action, maximizing your time enjoying the electrifying atmosphere.

Become a Fight Night Expert

Online platforms often provide detailed fight cards with information on fighters, styles, and weight classes. This intel empowers you to choose a fight night that aligns with your interests. Are you a fan of technical footwork or bone-crushing knockouts? Pick a fight card that delivers the kind of Muay Thai you crave.

Avoid Scams & Fight for Peace of Mind

Sadly, ticket scalping can be a problem at popular tourist destinations. Booking online through a reputable source ensures you have legitimate tickets, avoiding any last-minute stress or disappointment. Peace of mind is priceless, especially when you’re on vacation.

Embrace Convenience & Mobile Ticketing

No more scrambling for a printer! Many stadiums offer mobile ticketing, allowing you to ditch physical tickets and simply present your e-ticket on your phone for easy entry. It’s convenient, environmentally friendly, and eliminates the risk of losing your ticket.

Unlock Exclusive Experiences

Some online platforms go beyond just tickets. They might offer exclusive perks like early entry to the stadium, meet-and-greets with fighters, or VIP seating options. These exclusive experiences can elevate your Muay Thai night from ordinary to extraordinary.


Booking your Muay Thai tickets online isn’t just convenient; it’s essential for a smooth, enjoyable, and potentially unforgettable fight night. So don’t get caught off guard – secure your tickets online and prepare to be wowed by the legendary martial art of Muay Thai!

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